GreenShoots Pitch Forum Recap: A Deep Dive into State of Fundraising

  • Batchbud — Software company/ERP (enterprise resource planning) system focused on supporting small infused product manufacturers to scale quickly and cost effectively.
  • Drop Delivery — Delivery technology platform for retailers offering inventory management, driver dispatch, robust marketing tools, digital loyalty programs and a customized e-commerce mobile app.
  • Uprise — Licensed cannabis operation focused on environmental and social responsibility and product consistency in MI and IL
  • Barbari — National cannabis brand based in Portland, Oregon providing low dose cannabis solutions through THC, CBD, and botanical product lines.
  • Bloom Network — CA-based network of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the cannabis-supply chain
  1. Early stage companies need capital

Investing in Cannabis globally since 2014.

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Investing in Cannabis globally since 2014.

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